Our Story

I was on a mission to recreate those indulgent and nostalgic flavors we all grew up loving in a better-for-you form. I dreamt up District Snacks towards the beginning of the pandemic and 2 years later, after extensive R&D, I finally launched February 2022

We contain nothing artificial and are packed with better-for-you quality ingredients like MCT oil and almonds.

You can feel good about eating District Snacks daily right out of the jar or spread on:

-A Rice Cake
-Baked Treats
-Protein Pancakes
-Or replace it in recipes that call for nut butters for a fun little recipe remix!

So basically, anything that you would think of pairing with a frosting or a nut butter, swap in a District Snacks spread to satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar crash!

Questions? email me at hello@districtsnacks.com